Year: 2019

Expert Resume Writing Tips To Take You Closer To Your Dream Job

Maybe you have already started writing your resume, or perhaps you are about to start. In either way, you have the opportunity to make your resume standout. Following resume writing tips help you in having an active and solid resume, that increases your chance to get a job quickly. Where many of the aspirants will apply for the same job position, your resume can grab the attention of the hiring managers.

There are several websites across the internet from across the globe, trying to get you a handful of resume writing tips about how to design a winning resume. But …

185 Powerful Verbs for Resume to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Action verbs are the must-have in your resume to make your resume stand out in the crowd of many.

While the powerful verbs for resume work as the affirmations of what you promise to be in an organization, they also can improve the credibility of your resume in front of the employers.

You try to make your resume look attractive and put all the effort to make it the game changer for your career fate. But check once, do your bullets still start with



Or the same tedious and tiring words?

If yes, then, you need to become …

How to Quantify your Accomplishments on Resume to Enhance Competence?

You will not be surprised to know that many times the applicants are rejected based on their resume alone. The accomplishments on a resume are the first thing to reach to the company you are applying for, even before you want to meet the hiring managers in real and convince them. Thus, your resume needs to do the utmost for you and build the utmost credibility of your skills in front of the interviewers.

I am not trying to scare you at all. Instead, I am trying to teach you that you need to seek the attention of the hiring …

You Can Go Easy and Receive Interview Calls in Your 40s With These Simple Tips

There is no appropriate time for anything. The morning starts only after you wake up. But that can be a little difficult while seeking for a job in your 40s. Age is just a number, and you still can prove that to be accurate by bagging high paying jobs and importantly, numerous interview calls from the employers.

But even though you are skilled enough and are capable of serving in an organization, you still need to know the perfect ways to start receiving the interview calls. If you are in your 40s, you can follow these 12 ways to receive …

The Ultimate List of Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Being a job seeker, interviews are the parts and parcels of your life. To get a chair in the desired organization, you need to go through several rounds of interviews without making the common interview mistakes.

Sometimes it takes dozens of interviews, or at times it takes just one, to bag the dream job isn’t it? But whatever it may be, even if it’s the nth time you are appearing for an interview, there are specific rules and regulations to help you to nail it.

The only thumb rule that can help you to be in a few steps …

7 Essential Resume Writing Rules you should follow

If taking your career to a new height or a further extent, is the next big thing you are thinking of, then your resume writing must be high on your mind. Your resume is not a piece of paper, but it is the way of transferring your skills to the employers before they interview you.

But if you sit calmly and think of when was the last time you updated your resume, you will find that was a lengthy procedure.

It can be exhausting, but a must-have thing while you are applying for a new job or are looking for …

7 Mistakes You Should Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile

The rule of everything right and nothing wrong is just perfect. But that is what it is not exactly when it is your LinkedIn Profile.

Now you may think that what can be wrong in a LinkedIn profile. Technically we need to fill up the sections which are already created. Then there are no possibilities of something going wrong.

But you won’t have the same point of view after reading this small story.

An Experience of LinkedIn Profile Mistakes:

While hiring for our LinkedIn profile writer team, we searched all over LinkedIn. Spent hours and hours after scanning most of …

8 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is An Important Tool For You As A Job Seeker

You must have heard that LinkedIn for job seekers is vital. But do you know if it really is? We take a deep dig into the professional networking platform to understand why this is important for you to update your LinkedIn profile while searching for a job.

There are more than 500 million professional profiles on LinkedIn, and there are unlimited job opportunities. Either it is maintaining your professional branding or looking for a job, LinkedIn has become an integral part of the industry.

Here Are 8 Reasons Why LinkedIn Profile For Job Seekers Is Essential

You can access the

6 Certifications To Add To Your Resume

If you want your resume to stand out in the crowd, you need to add something that can elevate your resume in front of the employers. Your resume objective must not be merely to demonstrate how educated or qualified you are, but it must be to be a perfect fit for the organization that you are applying for. Certifications are a great way to embrace to enhance your resume.

Every organization looks for a candidate who can be profitable for their business. They look for someone who is not only knowledgeable but skilled as well. Certifications that can enhance your …

Know The Importance Of Well Written Professional Resume For Career Boost

If we say that a well-written professional resume is a gateway to your success; it will not be wrong enough. It is because that is the first thing that reaches to your employer before you get interviewed. In the first place, you need to share your resume through E-mail or job search websites. Thus, the importance of a well-written resume can’t be explained enough.

The purpose of a resume is to advertise yourself in front of your employers. It is to demonstrate your skills and knowledge and prove your self to be a deserving candidate for the job you are …