5 Essential Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive As A Job Seeker

A perfect LinkedIn profile is a great tool when you are looking for your next professional break or looking for a job switch. LinkedIn is one of the most recommended professional networking platforms, which helps you to get connected with recruiters in no time.

While you are looking for recruiters’ profiles and ample of job postings, it is self-evident that the recruiters are also checking your LinkedIn profile when you apply for a job. You can make the best use of your LinkedIn, by creating it to be to the mark.

Most job seekers hire LinkedIn profile writers in India which makes their LinkedIn profile attractive to get more job offers.

5 Essential Linkedin Profile Tips For A Job Seekers

1. Choose Relevant Industry:

Either you are mentioning the preferred industries for your job choices, or you are following other recruiters’ LinkedIn profile from a particular industrial background, you must be very clear about the sectors you would love to work for.

You can’t be very whimsical and take up any job that is coming to your way. Having relevant industries mentioned in your profile helps your recruiters to find you easily on the LinkedIn platform.

2. Add Catchy and Spiced Up Summary:

While the best LinkedIn profile headline helps you to attract the recruiters, the summary is a relevant field, which keeps your recruiters engaged to your profile. A well-described and systematic overview makes your recruiters find you to be more proficient and appropriate if your industry and skills are matching their requirements.

While writing your summary, you must consider that it must be readable and understandable by your target audiences (which is your recruiters here). A 3-5 paragraphs short summary is enough for you to write most of your work and professional experiences.

3. Add Multimedia: A colorful and enjoyable LinkedIn profile is more imminent than a monotonous LinkedIn profile. Most of the people using LinkedIn for their job search, fail to use the importance of LinkedIn profile multimedia feature. Multimedia can be added under the summary to demonstrate some of your work experiences. You can add images, files, etc. to serve the purpose.

To analyze the effectiveness of multimedia, you can prefer comparing two LinkedIn profiles; one with multimedia and another without it. You will simply figure out the difference between both.

4. Networking Within The Desired Industry: It is not enough to update your profile and sit back and relax while waiting for the recruiters to contact you with new job offers. Sometimes you need to take the first initiative and start the communication. You can simply follow the company profiles and start getting connected to the HR or the recruitment executive from some organization you are looking forward to working with.

You can also get connected to people from the same industry you are willing to work in. You can use the LinkedIn search bar to look for people who are working in the same position, where you want to be.

5. Broaden Your Location: It is the best choice you can prefer doing while creating your high-value LinkedIn profile in the first go. When you create your professional profile, it definitely asks you about the preferred location for your job. When you keep some limited location of your choice for a job, you automatically reduce so many prospects even before they can reach you.

Once you broaden your location choice, it helps you to get more opportunities. If some organization you want to work with, have no vacancy mentioned in their job title for a particular city or country office, you have preferred, can have vacancies in some of their other branches. Once you are open to multiple cities or locations for your job, you can be placed in those places rather than getting rejected.

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