How you can find a job during the COVID-19 crisis

As the companies are moving to work remotely and most of the workers are being allowed to work from home, you might be thinking that is it the right time to send your professional resume to the employers? Here is no doubt that the pandemic has impacted everything taken from our lives to our jobs. Where many people are losing their lives, many are losing their current positions. It’s true that when an epidemic has affected the entire world together, we are probably in the doorstep of a recession. But if you want to find a job during the COVID-19 you must know what our experts say. Our experts think that you must keep on applying and connecting to the employers.

In this moment of coronavirus crisis, you definitely can’t expect that the companies are going to hire you immediately because probably every organization is trying to find out the best possible ways to work virtually. But hiring is not ended up with this. Our experts predict that the individuals who will keep on applying or will continue to relations building will be in a better position when the companies start their operations and hiring.

You may even find the active job posting to get disappeared from the job boards and the company websites right now. That doesn’t mean that you can expect to see those job positions opening up again. If you are motivated once again to resume your job search after reading this, let us tell you how you can find a job during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are the tips to find a job during the COVID-19 crisis

1.     Consider the urgency of the job search:

At first, you need to find out how important it is for you to find a job during the coronavirus crisis. If you can hold for some more time to get a great job offer than you must know one thing that it can be a difficulty for you to find an active hiring manager at this very moment.

If you are already working with some organization, then this is the time to increase your skills and make yourself more palatable in front of other employers. While many companies are facing tremendous losses due to the pandemic, the other companies are still hiring people to work with them. You can consider looking for opportunities to find a job during the lockdown, wherever you can and which makes sense to you.

2.     Keep in Networking:

Remember that your network can help you in many ways and even at all the points of time. So, after the pandemic is over, you can expect to get multiple opportunities if your network is secured. Look for likeminded people and hiring managers on the social platform and start networking with them. There are many professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and you can be a part of those groups too. You can also find groups according to your job background. For example, if you are a marketing professional, you can find groups that have marketing professionals in it. You also need to keep your resume updated with the help of resume writing services and keep yourself visible in those groups with an updated resume.

3.     Keep in Touch:

Maybe you have gone through an interview a few days back before the pandemic spread. But as now the company had moved to work remotely you might have not received any call or further update about your joining or result. Then what should you do now?

Even though the companies are working remotely, you still can stay in touch with them through emails and other measures. Make sure that even when you are trying to find a job during the COVID-19, your emails must not contain a message which demonstrates that you only care for your job and are not empathetic with the situation outside. Instead of asking what happened to your joining, you may ask them if there is something you can assist them with. A thoughtful attitude will help you to connect with someone to the human level.

Remember that when the job seekers connect hiring managers more sensibly, you stay on the top of their minds. If you find any update about the company and you think that you can help them with better insight, to deal with the crisis, go forward to give them a preview.

4.     Gather information:

Even before you find a job during the COVID-19 and join an organization you need to know many things about the company, like how they deal with the crisis, how they treat their employees during the tough time, etc. If you think that you want to work with a specific organisation, this is the right time to gather as much information as you can about the company. First of all, make a list of companies that you think you will prefer writing a cover letter to work with and also research their current activities including how they are managing their business in this crucial moment. By doing so, you can also analyze how you can help the organization to deal with the circumstances.

5.     Carpe Diem the time and network:

Even though the companies are not hiring new joiners during this crisis, you still can create some opportunities for you. As per our visual resume writing services expert, you can take advantage of the slowed-down job market and get yourself a suitable job in the company or in the industry you are interested in. You can create a document for yourself listing the names of the companies you want to work with or the job titles you are willing to apply for. Now you can find people who can help you or reach to those companies and of course those job positions.

6.     Boost the skills:

You get paid for your expertise. The more carefully you handle your skills, there are more possibilities that you will be able to bag a job as soon as the crisis is under control. Our LinkedIn profile writers know that most of the job opening has the requirement of specific skills and the job seeker needs to have those skills set to be able to apply to the job opening. But if you don’t have some skills which are required to apply for a particular job, this is the time when you can develop those.  Get certified in some other skills apart from what you have right now. Learning new and relevant things will help you in the long run.

During the coronavirus crisis, you need to focus on what you can control positively. The best resume writing tips that we have for you is to utilize the time to develop your skills and to reach out to your network. 

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