How to Create An Extraordinary Linkedin Profile

There are so many things you need to take care of job seekers. Your resume not only carries all the information about your academic and career background, but it also must contain your social media profiles, including your LinkedIn profile. The value of social media can uplift your efforts of grabbing a great job, as the hiring managers many a time adhere to the social media search to reach out to the job seekers.

The employers search through the LinkedIn database to find out candidates who meet the specific criteria and capability they are looking for. But if you think that having a LinkedIn profile is enough to attract the hiring managers, then let me burst that bubble.

The first thing that you need to understand that like you, most of the job seekers have a LinkedIn profile, which they use to boost their job search.Even though many other job seekers profiles have the same level of qualification as you have your profile needs to rank higher and it also needs to stand out.

By utilizing these steps, you can optimize your LinkedIn platform job search while attracting the eyes of the hiring managers.

15 Steps To Create Linkedin Profile That Rocks:

1. Don’t Skip the Header:

You can speak 1000 words through the image that you share in the header. Even though in the next step, you are going to add a display image, you still need to have a header image for your LinkedIn profile. You can use the space of the header image to show off your personality, endorse your personal brand or explain your business or qualification to make a great first impression. The recommended size for the LinkedIn header image is 1400X425 pixels and the size must not exceed 4 MB.

2. Choose a professional Profile Image:

A professional profile image stands many steps further from a causal image or a blank profile image. Leaving the profile image segment in the LinkedIn profile is like missing then opportunity to get searched and found. Though you don’t need to have an HD image or must go through a professional photoshoot to have a high-profile image, make sure that the picture you choose must be clear and of the ideal size. LinkedIn recommends 400X400 pixels to be the size of the profile image and the size must not exceed 10 MB.

3. A Well-Constructed Headline:

Though you get only 120 characters to create an extraordinary headline, that is where you need to do something more creative and out of the box. Through the headline, you can tell people about who you are and what you do.

LinkedIn Profile writers recommend that you must include adding the industry and related keywords that can help you in your job search in your LinkedIn headline. A well to read and keyword-rich headline helps you to get found.

4. Add an excellent summary:

Needless to say, the definition of the summary segment in a LinkedIn profile. An excellent summary is like the elevator pitch, and you need to be very mindful while creating your LinkedIn summary. You can add images, photos, links, presentation and even documents along with the words in the summary. You get the maximum space to show your creativity in the summary section and you can make the best use of it to stand out in the crowd of millions of job seekers.

5. Showcase Your experience:

Having an excellent summary or an extraordinary academic background and degrees are not enough in many places. And all you need to have in extra is to have some experience that you can pen down. There is no limitation like the resume or the CV while showcasing your expertise in your LinkedIn profile. Still, you need to be relevant and to the point while mentioning your work experience in your LinkedIn profile.

Professional resume writers use bullet points to make your work experience more readable and don’t forget to use beneficial and relevant keywords to help the hiring managers find you easily. Also, check and ignore making any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

6. Be contactable:

The hiring managers on LinkedIn must have access to contact you in many ways. Don’t forget to add as many contact information as you have. You can share the links of your social media profiles and even the links of your blog, personal or official website.

7. Focus upon Networking:

Your network is your net worth, and the hiring managers to know that better. Thus, if any point in your professional career you get the opportunity to get connected to new people from various industries even when you don’t want to switch the industry, you must create the network for a high-value LinkedIn profile. You can ask your network to endorse your skills and expertise on LinkedIn. The endorsements by your network do the advocating and you can always return the favor by doing the same.

8. Get a customized URL:

The generic LinkedIn URLs look like the binary codes and when you have such a URL that doesn’t look appealing and attractive at all. But the best part of the story is that you can customize and edit your URL at any time. Most of the job seekers choose to use their name even in the URL. It is easy to modify the URL. You simply need to go to the edit profile section and the next thing is to follow is the necessary information. In the Public Profile URL, you will see the edit option and you can click on ‘Set Custom URL ‘after you are done editing the URL.

9. Be easily found:

The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can follow many ways to get easily found by the hiring managers and the customers. You need to customize your LinkedIn profile in such a way that the hiring managers can get to see your profile easily. You must identify specific keywords depending upon the industry you are applying for. You can put the relevant keywords in many sections including the job title, career experience, personal information, etc.

10. Update regularly:

You can’t sit back soon after you are done with making your LinkedIn profile. Like any other social media platforms, LinkedIn also has the option to update status to remain active on the platform. You can simply be seen in people’s notifications by updating information, posting an article or even by sharing articles that interest people. Updating your LinkedIn profile frequently is to inform your network that you are active on the platform.

11. Showcase your projects:

LinkedIn is such a platform where you can almost upload files in many formats. If you have handled many projects during your career, you can choose to share those with your network and especially your hiring managers. You can even create a dedicated section on your profile to showcase your projects. You can also add a URL to the projects you are uploading. There is no other better way to show the hiring mangers the actual projects that you have handled so far.

Also check:

12. Ignore the Jargon:

Whatever you love your self to be called as but make sure that you don’t use any irrelevant term to your LinkedIn profile. While you are looking for a job, the hiring managers are not ready with a completely new dictionary to find out the meaning of the jargon that you are using. Ignoring using jargon anywhere in your profile is one of the best LinkedIn mistakes to avoid. Use simple and clear language that you use in your day to day conversation. The use of jargon will not attract the hiring managers, but it will instead push them away.

13. Join Network higher than your own:

Once you are done with creating the best LinkedIn profile, the next best thing you can do is to be connected to various groups and communities. Joining different networks with many other partakers works as quick sprouting and you can expect a positive return to this. Through multiple posts and updates, you can also keep the group members updated that you are active.  There are many groups on LinkedIn based on different interests and you can be part of one or many groups. Read their guidelines before joining or posting anything in a LinkedIn group.

14. Follow job search experts:

If you want to receive daily and helpful LinkedIn profile writing tips regarding your job search, you can always follow the most celebrated and famous career coaches and job search experts. They can help you while creating a good LinkedIn profile and also can help you to stand out in the ocean of many job seekers and fast forward your job search experience. Most of the job search experts share their presentations and tips for job seekers. You can also follow the LinkedIn profile designing services and resume writing services to receive great advice about updating your LinkedIn profile.

15.  Know Your Audience:

Now, when you have almost reached the final destination of a great looking LinkedIn profile, you need to know this too. The updates and posts of your personal branding tool known as LinkedIn must be based on the target audience that you choose for yourself. The profile must be for the right set of people. The audience may vary according to the stage where you are in your career. 

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