How LinkedIn Profile Should Look Like For Job Seekers

The social platforms have succeeded to bring the entire world together. Where there are social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which is keeping friends and families together; there are social yet professional platforms too, which are keeping the employers and the job seekers together under one roof. Well if you are not a job seeker, then who cares if your LinkedIn profile is updated or not? But if you are sincerely looking for your next big thing in your professional life, an up to date, the LinkedIn profile can help you a bit more.

If you want to know how your LinkedIn profile must look like to attract the recruiters from your dream companies to find and offer you a job, then here is everything that you need to know.

These expert-backed LinkedIn profile tips will make your LinkedIn profile look at how it must look like to get noticed.

7 Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Look More Professional

1. Choose a custom URL: Your URL is applicable to search your LinkedIn profile. Generally, a LinkedIn URL looks like Thus, your name must be how you want to write it on your professional description. Don’t make a clunky combination of alphabets and numbers for your LinkedIn profile URL. The URL can be changed at any point in time you want to change it.

2. Select a great photo: A clear, friendly and professional image is much attractive than some casual ones. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional gateway for recruiters and employers. Being the first impression in front of them, your photograph must not be the game spoiler. If you are confused about how your LinkedIn professional photograph must look like, don’t worry. You can simply follow the businesses, sectors, and industries to check what are they wearing and how their photos are posted.

3. Write a fantastic headline: If you think that your headline has to be your job title or company than that is not right at all. Instead, you can use the space to demonstrate your value proposition, specialty, etc. Simply write something that can help you to stand out in the crowd of multiple job seekers for the better to happen.

4. Don’t waste the summary segment: Ideally, your summary on your LinkedIn profile must consist of 3 to 5 paragraphs. You can add bullet points to your summary to make it more readable and approaching. Add your work passion, essential skills, and the list of industries where you got the exposures in the last few years.

5. Treat your profile like your resume: You have already learned how your resume must be like to help you get your dream job. Hopefully, you have already started crafting your resume to apply to the industries you were longing for to use. Why not treat your LinkedIn profile as your resume? As your resume is not just a place to showcase your job duties but also the accomplishments, you can simply do the same to your LinkedIn profile too. You will also be amazed to know that alike the resume writing services you can also hire LinkedIn profile writing services to create professional LinkedIn profiles for you.

6. Show Your achievements: Don’t just mention the job responsibilities you have completed so far or the skills you have used to perform them. But also include the achievements that you have gained so far in your professional life. Achievements can help you to market yourself in a better way through your LinkedIn profile.

7. Don’t leave the current job entry: You can’t leave the present job entry, even when you are not working. If you do so, you will simply get missed in most searches performed by the LinkedIn network employers. Most of the recruiters prefer checking your current title box. You can simply create dummy job listing like Full-Time student in Finance analysis training etc.

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