Month: September 2019

5 Tips To Help You Hire A Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional resume writing might not sound very stressful, but we all know that it actually is. Whether you are updating your profile or creating a new one, you need to have a lot of time for that. Above all, you need your resume to be professional and appropriate for the job application.

Professional resume writing services are available to help and guide you in this purpose. But you can go blind while hiring a professional resume writer. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while hiring one.

5 Tips Before You Opt For a Professional Resume

The Secrets Ways To Get A Linkedin Profile That Gets You Results

Every job seeker and employer are on LinkedIn now. Where the job seekers are looking for suitable jobs and organizations to work with, the employers are looking for competent job applicants online, who can work for them. The users of LinkedIn are more than 300 million now and counting, but as a job seeker, you already know that this is the place where you can manage your professional reputation. Then how to build a LinkedIn profile to get you some result.

But when there is so much competition, how would you be able to stand out and grab the attention …

How Visual Resume Can Help You To Bag Your Dream Job

The term or the use of a visual resume is prevalent for the job seekers in the field of digital marketing, graphics and web designing. Senior-level professionals like CEO and COO also use visual resumes to apply for jobs. Other management level professionals who are relied upon emails only to apply for their jobs, also prefer visual resume over any different types of resume. Even when a job seeker is applying for jobs from various job boards, a visual resume can be a better option. Before we start discussing who should use a visual resume, let’s know the benefits of …

7 Tips to Succeed At A New Job Interview

We all of us go through the process of a job search in our entire life. Be it the first or maybe the last job interview (at least which you consider to be), they are always unique. A new job interview carries new opportunities for your present and future. Do you get nervous before going to any new job interview? If the answer is “No”, it’s superb. But even if you do, there is nothing wrong at all. We all are more or less concerned about our career while looking for a job. But if you follow some practices, you …

How LinkedIn Profile Should Look Like For Job Seekers

The social platforms have succeeded to bring the entire world together. Where there are social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which is keeping friends and families together; there are social yet professional platforms too, which are keeping the employers and the job seekers together under one roof. Well if you are not a job seeker, then who cares if your LinkedIn profile is updated or not? But if you are sincerely looking for your next big thing in your professional life, an up to date, the LinkedIn profile can help you a bit more.

If you want to know …