Month: February 2020

How to Create An Extraordinary Linkedin Profile

There are so many things you need to take care of job seekers. Your resume not only carries all the information about your academic and career background, but it also must contain your social media profiles, including your LinkedIn profile. The value of social media can uplift your efforts of grabbing a great job, as the hiring managers many a time adhere to the social media search to reach out to the job seekers.

The employers search through the LinkedIn database to find out candidates who meet the specific criteria and capability they are looking for. But if you think …

How To Place A Year Gap In Your Professional Resume?

There is no lie in the fact that your professional resume must look a comprehensive one while showcasing your career in a trail. Mostly when the hiring managers go through your professional resume, the first thing that they notice is your experience and skills. Though the career trail is the next important thing that they choose to go through, it has equal importance.

Though the hiring managers expect a complete visual resume writing from the job seekers, but they will not be surprised to see any gap in your resume. Many job seekers go for another level of qualification, try …

How To Pick The Best CV Format To Land A Job

Your CV is much more than just a document. Initially, a CV is everything that helps you to build an impact in front of the employers. Your CV carries all the information that you think is helpful to get you your dream job. Even before we talk about the interview mistakes to avoid to land a job, you need to know the significance of choosing the right cv format.

Let me add an experience. While entering a college premise, a kiosk read, “How you say is much more important than what you say”.

The seriousness of a CV format is …