7 Mistakes You Should Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile

The rule of everything right and nothing wrong is just perfect. But that is what it is not exactly when it is your LinkedIn Profile.

Now you may think that what can be wrong in a LinkedIn profile. Technically we need to fill up the sections which are already created. Then there are no possibilities of something going wrong.

But you won’t have the same point of view after reading this small story.

An Experience of LinkedIn Profile Mistakes:

While hiring for our LinkedIn profile writer team, we searched all over LinkedIn. Spent hours and hours after scanning most of the possible matches and choose a few, who are perfect for us. The process of selecting the best one of the best few is challenging. But we did not give up. Finally, we ended up getting the perfect candidate whose profile was made the way, like it was answering to all our needs in a team member we were looking for.

But the next morning our hiring manager says that the profile we have chosen doesn’t have any contact information.

Like seriously?

Who does that?

Well, that is the question we all had in our minds. But can’t help as we have already spent (read wasted) hours while doing that.

If you find this incident lame, then let me correct you that like the profile we saw or the experience we had, many organizations have the same skills because of the mistakes you commit in your LinkedIn profile.

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your LinkedIn Profile

If you have already made the mistakes don’t worry. You can always make possible changes to your LinkedIn profile.
These 7 changes are killer to your job search. Thus, remove them right away.

A Misleading Headline:

If you think that headlines are not necessary, then it is not even essential to desire for a perfect job. If you are putting some information like your academic, schooling or hobbies in your LinkedIn headline, be sure that it is removed even before you are done reading this article. Put something related to your current job position rather.

Imprecise Industry:

If you think that you are the most desirable candidate for the LinkedIn network, you are not wrong. But let your LinkedIn profile look that way. Your recruiters don’t have enough time to go and search for industry information on Google. Thus, if you have served an extraordinary industry that’s wonderful, but please get some time to elaborate that too.

Inappropriate Photo:

Your LinkedIn is not similar to your Instagram. The hashtag InstaPic can be a super no-no for your LinkedIn profile photo. Be sure that you don’t have any casual image on your LinkedIn profile because you like the way you look.

Incomplete Degree Information:

Who doesn’t want to showcase the degrees they have achieved so far to best fit into the LinkedIn job description? You can show your skills but your degrees on your LinkedIn profile. Be very specific about the degree that you completed. If your profile currently says that you are graduated or post graduated, be sure that you have also mentioned the field of specialization.


We know that searching for an appropriate job sounds like a task. Yes, that is correct. But your despair in the profile can creep into your job search. Though you are unemployed and not liking your current position, you must not choose “will work with anyone” to demonstrate your frustration.

Resume Mismatch:

While updating your LinkedIn bio, don’t forget that you already have a touring resume uploaded. Thus, any changes you are making to your profile must match your resume too. The LinkedIn job titles, positions, and even the dates must maintain uniformity with the resume.

Branding Yourself With Your Current Role:

You can and must be the shining start of your current role. But once you are branding yourself with your current position, it shows that you are not genuinely interested in serving new companies. Show your independence and expertise instead.

Go thoroughly with the LinkedIn profile before you start applying for jobs. It will help you to minimize your effort in finding one.

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