7 Essential Resume Writing Rules you should follow

If taking your career to a new height or a further extent, is the next big thing you are thinking of, then your resume writing must be high on your mind. Your resume is not a piece of paper, but it is the way of transferring your skills to the employers before they interview you.

But if you sit calmly and think of when was the last time you updated your resume, you will find that was a lengthy procedure.

It can be exhausting, but a must-have thing while you are applying for a new job or are looking for a job change. The resume writing services can help you to do an interview-perfect resume revision.

Resume Writing Rules You Cannot Miss

But if you are the one to do the same for yourself, then you must follow these seven resume writing rules.

  • Keep it to be of maximum two pages: How long do you think the hiring manager spends time on your resume? It’s not more than 6 to 8 seconds. Now, do you think it is possible to go to the next stage? To cut down the number of pages, first, consider the purpose of your resume writing. You don’t need to demonstrate everything that you have in your resume, but only the backgrounds, skills and experience.
  • Avoid the pronouns to be in the first person: Avoid writing pronouns like “I” and “Me”. So rather than saying “I have achieved this on behalf of the organization”, say “This was achieved on behalf of the organization.”
  • Please send a resume pdf: When you prefer saving your resume in a pdf format, it looks like an image. This means that your hiring manager sees the same formatting as you have made it look like. If you send the resume in some other formats, there are chances that the styling, fonts and even the format can look different in other computers.
  • Name your resume file correctly: Most of the candidates make their resume preparation process perfect to apply for a job, but sometimes miss this vital point. This point is easily skipped because of this needs to have microscopic analysis to do so. Don’t use generic file names like “skis123.pdf.” It will help them to understand whose resume is the hiring manager clicking on. Use “your first name_ last name resume.pdf” instead.
  • Quantify more: Quantifying is as essential as making your resume writing visibly appealing. It is not enough to mention that you have excelled in your last job. You need to prove whatever did you mention. Using percentages, numbers and other facts show that you have your record of success. For example, if you want to say “Successfully achieved the target”, you may choose to say “Successfully hit 100% of the target and also exceeded goals by 30% in the last three months”.
  • Don’t include any reference: If you think that providing recommendations can increase your credibility, then trust us, it doesn’t. In this segment or step precisely, your interviewer wants to talk to you and not with the references that you give. If at any point the hiring managers feel it’s necessary to speak with your references, they can reach you directly and ask for those names. Before that, you don’t need to mention that in your resume writing.
  • Think about the job you are applying to: If you think that one cv writing can be perfectly fit for every job that you are applying to, then you are not right. Your resume must carry all the information that also must match the requirements of the job description posted by the employers. Try to incorporate the terms and the words to your resume from the job descriptions.


These are not all. But congratulations! Now you are a few steps ahead to be found by either a machine or a human recruiter. If you think that it is still difficult for you to get an up to date and up to the mark resume writing, then you can anytime reach for a professional resume writing service. These guidelines can help you to be a few steps further to many other applicants.

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