The Ultimate List of Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Being a job seeker, interviews are the parts and parcels of your life. To get a chair in the desired organization, you need to go through several rounds of interviews without making the common interview mistakes.

Sometimes it takes dozens of interviews, or at times it takes just one, to bag the dream job isn’t it? But whatever it may be, even if it’s the nth time you are appearing for an interview, there are specific rules and regulations to help you to nail it.

The only thumb rule that can help you to be in a few steps ahead from other job seekers is to know how to avoid interview mistakes, which other people are committing.

The definitions and examples of mistakes can differ in different job seekers. But here we have listed 20 of the most common mistakes that you need to stop right away.

20 common interview mistakes which are keeping your dream job at bay

#Mistake: 1- Appearing Uninterested

This is not only aggravating for the one who is appearing for the interview but is also for the interviewer. Mostly the interviewers receive heck many of resumes than they expect or need.

To get hired, you need to show them that you are interested in working with the organization and especially in the job role you are applying for.

The first of all interview preparation tips is to do your homework right and be able to ask as many questions as you want to know about the organization. If you are asking lame and easy to Google questions, will make you appear to be unprepared.

#Mistake: 2- Being Unorganized

You already know how you must get ready to appear for a job interview or what are the things that you need to carry to your interview location.

It is always better to keep things organized so that you don’t need to dive into the ocean to search for a piece of paper while asked for it.

Keeping all the related documents handy will help you to present yourself to be well organized and composed in front of the interviewers.

#Mistake: 3- Avoiding the Job Description

Mostly the candidates are speedy while applying for multiple jobs from job portals. It is not always enough to apply for a job with your professional resume, just by going through the heading of the job posting.

The job descriptions are given for some reasons. Thus, going through the job descriptions are always a better idea. It is still needed to know if your skills match the requirements of the organization.

#Mistake: 4- Sharing Too Much Information

Most of the candidates represent themselves in such a way that they are trying to provide all the information to the employer about themselves. If you want to know how to crack an interview, do remember that you are only needed to answer the question you have been asked.

Choose to stay calm or ask questions from your end, rather than sharing extra or irrelevant information about you.

#Mistake: 5- Having Not So Approaching Body Language

If you have a limp handshake or make a serious face with no smile with other candidates present at the interview location, you are already doing one of the most common interview mistakes.

If you even try not to make eye contact with others and especially with the interviewer, you can be misunderstood for being too shy or for behaving too strange.

You need to show your enthusiasm and need to try and build a relationship with other peoples present over the place

#Mistake: 6- Asking Wrong Questions at the Wrong Time

We can understand that an interview means a lot to you. In all the interview tips you have gone through, it is suggested to ask questions of the interviewer and try to know the organization better during the interview process only. But it would help if you also were sure that where you are placing your questions.

Asking wrong or not so right questions can create a negative impact on your interviewer’s mind. On the other hand, asking no question at all implies that you are not much interested in the job.

#Mistake: 7- Inappropriate Behavior

Have you heard of flirting during an interview can be one of the interview mistakes? If you did not, then do know that yes, that exists. Many candidates find it cool to flirt with interviewers of the opposite gender.

Passing unacceptable comments or phrases can make the interviewer offended, and you never know when your interview can change its direction. Don’t try to be entertaining or amusing for other candidates or the interviewer.

#Mistake: 8- Not Being on Time

Even though most of the interviews have adequate time slots, but the time for every candidate is also divided.

If an interview is going to long for a whole day, doesn’t mean that you are allowed to attend that according to your comfortable time. Be fixated to the time provided to you.

#Mistake: 9- Arriving Too Early

Coming too early is even accepted as one of the mistakes by interviewees at a job interview like it is when you arrive late. Your early arriving can cause inconvenience to the interviewers. Being 10 minutes early is enough and shows that you are composed and eager.

#Mistake: 10- Being Angry

You may have bitter experience from your previous job or even from your university, which hasn’t brought enough opportunity for you. But while talking about those, it is an interview mistake to be angry.

Angry people are not considered to be good employees or fun people to work with. Be cautious about your emotions while in an interview.

#Mistake: 11- Wearing the Wrong Outfit

If you don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, you need to know that that is one of the processes while screening candidates in a job interview.

Wearing the wrong outfit can decrease the possibility of winning in a job interview. Follow the basic dressing guidelines while going for a job interview rather.

#Mistake: 12- Not Having Enough Social Presence

If you are not easy to found in professional networking sites, you are committing one of the interview mistakes. Having a good set of skills is as important as LinkedIn profile creation to stay connected with the interviewee or other people from the organization or other companies.

#Mistake: 13- Forgetting a Resume

If you think who does that, then let us tell you that many candidates think that sharing the resume over an email or another measure of communication is enough.

Even though you have submitted your professional resume while applying for the job, it is still needed to bring another copy of the resume during the interview.

#Mistake: 14- Using the Cell phone

Using your mobile phone after entering the interview premise or the interview room is just not acceptable. It is not a part of the interview tips but common courtesy to keep your cell phone aside while talking to someone.

Keeping your mobile in the silent or airplane mode is the suggested gesture.

#Mistake 15- Getting Too Personal

It must not be all about you during the interview. You can ask common interview questions, such as about the organization and the experience of the interviewers while working with the company. But it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to ask any personal question regarding the salary they are receiving or maybe something relevant to their personal lives.

#Mistake: 16- Bringing Up Benefits and Salary Too Early

Talking about the salary and the benefits weakens your negotiation position. It is always better for the topic to arise gradually with the conversation. Asking about salary or benefits represent you to be interested in the perks of the job only.

#Mistake: 17- Lying

It is never a good idea to lie while your resume writing. Once the interviewers or the organization comes to know about the truths behind every lie you have presented to be the truth, you can certainly be disqualified from your current job position and other future opportunities.

#Mistake: 18- Botching the “Your Weaknesses” Question

When you are asked with this question, you mostly try to give a cute answer like “I am too honest.” But do you know that this interview mistake can send a message that you are not aware enough about yourself? It may also imply that you are not good at handling constructive criticism.

#Mistake: 19- Not Asking the Next Steps

You are in an interview, which means that you want to have a job. While leaving the interview premise, if you forget or miss asking the interview organizer or the contact person, that’s certainly an interview mistake.

If you can make it during the interview, you will be informed right away. But if you don’t experience such a thing, you can go and ask about the next possible steps.

#Mistake: 20- No Reinforcement

It is one of the top job interview preparation tips, which can also play as a savior card to cover certain mistakes done during the interview. If you think why it is needed, then let us tell you that this is the only way which can help you to stand out. What’s wrong in sending a thank you note to all who have interviewed you? Also, don’t forget the external recruiter who has referred you.


It is quite easy to handle all the interview mistakes if you are mindful enough about the purpose of that. But do remember that everyone can make a mistake, and it is not at all fatal.

You can learn from your mistakes. There are various interview coaching available online and also in physical classroom sessions. Trying one is not a bad idea.

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