You Can Go Easy and Receive Interview Calls in Your 40s With These Simple Tips

There is no appropriate time for anything. The morning starts only after you wake up. But that can be a little difficult while seeking for a job in your 40s. Age is just a number, and you still can prove that to be accurate by bagging high paying jobs and importantly, numerous interview calls from the employers.

But even though you are skilled enough and are capable of serving in an organization, you still need to know the perfect ways to start receiving the interview calls. If you are in your 40s, you can follow these 12 ways to receive job interview calls.

You can make impossible things possible with these 12 ways

1. Ask your friends to refer you: References work the best while you are looking to receive interview calls in your 40s. Mostly all your friends and acquaintances are working with some organizations and are mostly settled in their job positions. If you are still looking for interview calls, you are no way less. Ask your trusted people to refer you to the organizations where you think you can fit well.

2. Get connected to hiring managers: Nowadays, getting connected with the hiring managers to attract interview calls has become very easy. Mostly the hiring managers are all over the social platforms, and you can get connected to them from most of the social media platforms.

3. Be a little social: We think that you must be there on all the social platforms to attract job offers, as you never know which can give you the most significant break ever. Apart from being on LinkedIn, don’t forget to be there on Facebook and Twitter too.

4.    Be a part of summits: It doesn’t matter where do you stay, every city arranges numerous summits individually based on the field of work. Big organizations are part of such summits, and if you have specific contacts, you can get invited to those summits quickly.

Being a participant of such summits brings you the opportunity to get connected to the higher positioned members of various companies, and who knows, you might end up receiving interview calls too.

5. Apply from job boards: Job boards are the must-do things to rely upon for job offers for candidates above 40. Don’t leave any job board, and you also can follow the organizations you are willing to work with for their job postings and updates.

6.  Apply directly: If you are looking for a job at the earliest, waiting and relying on interview calls from the job boards can be proven as a dumb decision. No one is stopping you from visiting the websites of the desired organizations where they post their job vacancies. You can apply directly by sharing your resume with their HR directly.

7. Create your brand: If you want to work as an advisor or are looking for senior positions, you can go differently. It is not always mandatory that you can become a brand only when you are working independently.

The interview tips can also work well when you are looking for a job and are not working for any organization. You need to mention your skills to get found by the hiring managers without any hassle before you get the interview calls.

8. Write a strong resume headline: You need to be a little careful about your resume writing too. When you are putting all the effort into making a strong resume, put some extra to write a strong headline also.

A strong executive resume creation must be precise about the job roles you are interested in, and probably the skills you have to achieve that position.

9. Update your profiles frequently: Updating your profiles regularly helps you to be on the top of the search results. That also helps you to update your newly acquired skills and also the hiring managers can relate to your profile.

It is always better if you choose to get interview coaching and thus, your skill development to be based on a precise job description. Don’t think that you need to wait for 6 months or so to show that you are ready to take up new responsibilities. You can update your profile right away.

10. Enter the right key skills: Entering the right key skills reflect your strengths and also make you very specific about your job and role preferences.

It is somewhat more accessible for you to crack interviews and for the hiring managers to get to find such an employee who holds all the knowledge and skills required for their certain job position.

Mentioning so many and non-relevant skills can confuse the hiring managers, and you can end up getting fewer interview calls and opportunities.

11. Grow your LinkedIn endorsements: Have you heard of LinkedIn endorsements?

After LinkedIn Profile creation, you can be admired for the skills you have by people who know you or you have worked with. LinkedIn endorsements are genuine feedback about you and also increase your credibility in front of the employers and the possibility of more interview calls.

Once you leave an organization don’t forget to ask your co-workers and hiring managers to endorse you for the skills you have.

12. Own a great cover letter: Your cover letter may evolve every time you apply for a new job position. The cover letter may include the synopsis of your skills and knowledge and must be written in such a way that it compels the hiring manager to call you right away.

With professional resume writing services, you can efficiently include how you can be beneficial for the organization you are applying for in your cover letter. You may send a cover letter along with your resume. Also, the job boards have the option of adding a cover letter.


At last, we would like to say that you need to keep the basic information about yourself right and updated. Once your resume undergoes the screening process, the recruiting managers must not need to spend heck much time to look for ways to contact you for interview calls.

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