How to Quantify your Accomplishments on Resume to Enhance Competence?

You will not be surprised to know that many times the applicants are rejected based on their resume alone. The accomplishments on a resume are the first thing to reach to the company you are applying for, even before you want to meet the hiring managers in real and convince them. Thus, your resume needs to do the utmost for you and build the utmost credibility of your skills in front of the interviewers.

I am not trying to scare you at all. Instead, I am trying to teach you that you need to seek the attention of the hiring managers, and you must choose to go to any extent to do so. When you are trying quantifying the accomplishments on resume for a job, adding the numbers to your resume can help your application to get noticed.

For example, if you are working in sales, you can list the quantity of how you exceeded the goal given to you to impress the hiring managers.

Why is it important to add accomplishments on the resume through numbers?

If you want to have the answer to the ‘why’ here, then the first thing I would like to add is because its important. Accomplishments on resume demonstrated through numbers are easy to be seen by employers while going through your resume. The numbers can demonstrate your achievements in a better way to the employers and it becomes easy for them to decide how efficient you can be for an organization.

Adding numbers to your resume is a piece of evidence that you have accomplished some legitimate achievements in your previous job and entire career. If I say that all your achievements must be measured and quantified, then I will be wrong. Because it is quite not possible for any jobseeker to quantify all the performances. But trust me you can try the same with most of them.

While quantifying your accomplishments on a resume or putting them on your resume, you need to prioritize which numbers are significant and can become the foremost game changer for your career.

Including numbers for accomplishments on resume?

If you are till now convinced with the importance of adding numbers on your resume but not finding the appropriate way to add the numbers to your resume, then don’t worry. The resume writing tips help you to go through the key skills required by the organization, the keywords that will help your resume to rank faster in the list.

1. Choose the exact factor (s): Now if you have achieved some quantifiable numbers or achievements in those segments, then you are already a winner. It would help you to avoid resume writing mistakes if you can also find out the suitable factors for measuring success for your department or previous job role. There can be multiple factors like

·   Enhanced user experience

·   Better Customer ratings

·   Cost-saving

·   Augmenting sales

·   Customer Retention

·   Cost reduction

·   Customer satisfaction

·   Response time and many more

You need to be very focused while choosing the factors to show the accomplishments on a resume, which can impact your career the most. The next thing you can do is to select the time frame of the achievement. The time frame can be a year, a quarter, or even a month.

2. Choose the perfect action words: While numbers are going to help you to the maximum extent, choosing the ideal action words are equally important. Use action verbs in a resume like enhanced, Uplifted, augmented, reduced, increased, expanded, added, eliminated, enlarged. They can help you to start better quantifying your achievements.

3. Include some “how-to” causes: It is not only essential to quantify your achievements, but adding some reference to how you achieved what you got impact your resume writing more.

Like if you want to mention your communication skills on your resume differently, then state that you have exceeded the sales target by 15% the way that,

“Increased the sales by 15% after implementing my enhanced communication skills with elite customers and promoting privilege benefit program”

Adding some cause to the statement helps the hiring managers to understand your bits of intelligence and choices of looking at and doing certain things.

4. Writing a resume with bullet points: If you have been working with the same organization for a long time now and you have various achievements within the same organization. You want to demonstrate them all in your resume, choose to have bullet points rather than writing them in some other ways.

After writing your job title and job responsibilities, you can add another subpoint named as an achievement to add those accomplishments on a resume so far.

Bullet points are easy to read and understand, and you don’t need to add long paragraphs to showcase your achievements. You can also add certification in your resume through bullets. You don’t owe any explanation but need to keep your interviewer informed about those achievements. You will get a chance to talk about those during your interview if they need to know more.

5. Choose the better scale: While writing and quantifying the accomplishments on a resume, you need to be very cautious about choosing your scale. Scales in percentage are always better to make the achievement sounds to be real. But it would help if you were very sure that all you are speaking is fact and is not fictitious.

While you talk about growing the overall revenue of the organization, you need to be approximately sure about the total existing revenue of the organization and what it was before you contributed to that.

6. Provide context to the numbers: It is not enough to add numbers to quantify results always. Some numbers are not necessary unless they are compared with others. Taking the monthly sales to 5,00000 is not that clear unless you say from where it started.

Stating the sentence, the way “bolstering the sales from 0 to 5,00000 a month” sound to be more accomplishing and impactful.

7. Put the essential numbers on the top: For example, if you had to work with an organization where you needed to manage 75 employees as a whole and managed the budget of 1.2 crores. It is always better to write your achievements in the way:

·   Managed a team of 75 employees

·   Managed the budget up to 1.2 crore

Takeaway: If you want an informative resume make sure that cv whatever the numbers you choose to mention to your resume be accurate and can be backed by references if required. If you are cynical about how you make the perfect resume with numbers and measurements, you can always seek the help of professional resume writing services.

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