6 Certifications To Add To Your Resume

If you want your resume to stand out in the crowd, you need to add something that can elevate your resume in front of the employers. Your resume objective must not be merely to demonstrate how educated or qualified you are, but it must be to be a perfect fit for the organization that you are applying for. Certifications are a great way to embrace to enhance your resume.

Every organization looks for a candidate who can be profitable for their business. They look for someone who is not only knowledgeable but skilled as well. Certifications that can enhance your skills are better choices to opt for. Here are 6 such resume certifications you can add to improve your resume for free!

Certifications That You Must Opt For To Give Your Career An Enhancement

1. LinkedIn Learning Certifications: If you have thought that LinkedIn is just a professional networking platform, then you are absolutely wrong. LinkedIn Learning has made an association with many organizations that provide online learning and resume certifications to the users who are willing to go for those.

Not all the courses you can find on LinkedIn are free. But there are enough online certifications to start with without spending a single penny. Marketing to manufacturing, web designing to other courses, there are many things in LinkedIn learning for you.

Though it can be a challenging task for you to filter the free courses on LinkedIn, trust me, your time will be worth the benefit you are going to get.

2. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course: If you want to learn the basics of SEO, blogging, conversion analysis, etc. then there is nothing better than HubSpot Inbound Marketing for you.

The courses are very attractive for employers, startups or any business who is willing to hire you to grow their business and searching for certifications on resume.

HubSpot is a well-known learning platform and is valued by most of the employers. You can get some extra benefits from the resume certification, for it being belonged to HubSpot.

3. Project Management Professional (PMP Certification): Have you heard of Cybrary? If not, then here you can know something. Cybrary is an online learning platform that can provide you with tons of paid and free courses to choose from. There are ample of topics you can choose from.

The PMP certification course teaches you how to initiate, manage and plan a project.

The PMP resume certification course makes the employers believe that you have excellent problem-solving skills, and this is especially beneficial for candidates from healthcare, financial and engineering backgrounds.

4. Massive Open Online Course: MOOCs are perfect for helping you with free job training. From marketing to writing to other subjects, you can find many under the online learning program of the platform.

Whatever field you belong to, free courses like Public Relations, Crisis management, etc. can be beneficial for you.

If you want to earn credentials, you can also buy some of their courses with nominal fees. Your professional resume writers can help you with finding the best certification for you.

5. Free Code Camp Certification: If you are interested in website designing and developing, then this certification is highly recommended for you. Learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS3 and more from this learning platform. Coding is a technical skill that is also high in demand nowadays.

Earning quick resume certifications, you can add them to your resume. There are open-source projects to work on.

6. WordPress Academy: Who doesn’t know about WordPress? The vast platform gives every learner many opportunities for learning. The WordPress Academy program is a 30 days resume certification that helps you to learn website management.

Who doesn’t know about WordPress? The vast platform gives every learner many opportunities for learning. The WordPress Academy program is a 30 days resume certification that helps you to learn website management.

It can also help you to enhance your skills if you are already working with WordPress. Many critical skills can be beneficial for the organizations you are applying for.

Create a designated section in your resume to demonstrate all the certifications that you have achieved so far. Just like you have a work experience segment, the resume certification section is equally important to grab the attention of the employers. Keep it clear and highlight all the vital details about the certification you have gone for.

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