5 CV Mistakes You Are Making In Your Resume

The job market is really competitive, and everyone is fighting for their own existence. In this scenario, the “Survival of the Fittest” is the most suitable concept. To fit in the job market, the first thing that you need is an excellent resume without CV mistakes. As a resume is the first thing that reaches to the employers, it must be mistake-proof and up to the mark.

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CV Mistakes you should Avoid:

If you are applying for jobs and not getting any expected break, or if you are about to apply for a job and is building your resume; analyze if you are making these mistakes. If you want your application to grab the attention of the employers, avoid these cringe-worthy CV mistakes to avoid.

1. Poor Writing: The first thing that you need to invest while writing the best resume in the world is enough time and patience. Remember that you need to demonstrate your self in just one page and the game can get changed. It is always better to choose a humble tine and professional expressions while writing your resume.

You can’t be too casual while choosing your words, breaking the paragraphs, and writing the correct spelling.

Check the grammar in the first place. Prefer reading your resume loudly to yourself to analyze if you are making those cliché CV mistakes.

2. Telling Instead of Showing: Well there is an old adage in writing and that is “Show, don’t tell”. If you are saying about your greatness and can’t prove them in front of the employers, you will simply lose your credibility.

If you want to know how to make a good resume, then prefer not choosing words that overexpress your abilities like “experienced, focused, creative, specialized etc.” It is better to demonstrate your skills through examples or situations where you applied your skills and achieved the result.

3. Including Outdated or Irrelevant Information: It is your resume and not your biodata. We said earlier in the “CV Vs Resume” article that, a CV is different from a Resume. It can be detailed and can carry more information than a resume.

If you want to avoid some significant CV mistakes, then your resume must not have all the information that your employers don’t need to know, like your choices, dislikes, your marital status or how you are in your married life etc.

Avoid anything which is typically irrelevant to your professional life.

4. Being Too Generalized: There is no standard layout to write a resume, and you know that. A resume can be altered according to the requirement of the job and the position.

Most of the time, people prefer making a standard resume and start passing it to every employer email ID, which is a CV mistake you must not follow.

If you are doing so, then the first thing you need to do is stop! If you are not able to handle your resume as per the requirement of the position you are applying for you may seek for professional guidance and help of resume writing services in India, but don’t use one resume for all the job application.

5. Using an unprofessional Email ID: This is very basic but is very serious CV mistake to avoid. Your resume is a professional affair, and you can’t be just casual with it. While choosing the email Id, you use for applying for a job or while mentioning email id in your resume be sure that it is professional and not your personal email ids like john.cool@gmail.com or cool_micheal@rediffmail.com. A resume is your professional presentation, read it a hundred times before passing it to the employer and check if you have performed any of the CV mistakes we discussed above. Remember a good resume can be the massive game-changer to your career.

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