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30 Words To Avoid In A Resume

A resume is a gateway for a great job. You can create a great first impression while seeking employment in front of the managers with your resume alone. In the queue of many job seekers, you need to stand out with your resume. On average, the hiring managers spend only 5 to 20 seconds while reviewing your resume. Thus, it would help if you are mindful of the words that you must add and the words to avoid in a resume.

While your resume needs to be attractive, it must also contain the information they want to see in the …

5 CV Mistakes You Are Making In Your Resume

The job market is really competitive, and everyone is fighting for their own existence. In this scenario, the “Survival of the Fittest” is the most suitable concept. To fit in the job market, the first thing that you need is an excellent resume without CV mistakes. As a resume is the first thing that reaches to the employers, it must be mistake-proof and up to the mark.

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CV Mistakes you should Avoid:

If you are applying for jobs and not getting any expected break, or if you are about to apply for a job …