185 Powerful Verbs for Resume to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Action verbs are the must-have in your resume to make your resume stand out in the crowd of many.

While the powerful verbs for resume work as the affirmations of what you promise to be in an organization, they also can improve the credibility of your resume in front of the employers.

You try to make your resume look attractive and put all the effort to make it the game changer for your career fate. But check once, do your bullets still start with



Or the same tedious and tiring words?

If yes, then, you need to become a little creative and choose appropriate and powerful verbs for resume. Whatever be the achievement that you want to show off in your resume, here is the list of 185 action verbs to make your resume more exciting.

Where Are Action Verbs Used to Show Accomplishments in Resume?

Your entire resume is all about showing up the skills and achievements that you have bagged in your previous professional trail. Taken from your graduation to your last job and from the certifications that you have chosen to do extra to the awards which are enough to show the managerial skills you want to add them all to attract the hiring managers.

Write all the achievements that you have got to show to the hiring managers in your resume in bullet points to make them readable, look more attractive and organized. But where to put the action verbs?

At the beginning of every sentence of each of the bullet points, you can use the action verbs accordingly, which can help you to establish the authenticity of the statements that you are saying about yourself and who knows that the hiring managers can be a little more impressed by your appropriate choice of words.

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Action Verbs to Demonstrate your work Ethics:

As professional job seekers, you must have individual work ethics. While taking up initiatives comes under your work ethic also completing the given task is also one of the work ethics that the hiring managers expect to see in you.

Here is the list of powerful verbs for a resume that can help you to show how ethical are you towards your responsibility.

1. Achieved

2. Advanced

3. Amplified

4. Established

5. Exceeded

6. Discerned

7. Expanded


9. Delivered

10. Generated

11. Gained

12. Boosted

13. Improved

14. Sustained

15. Maximized

16. Stimulated

17. Surpassed

18. Steered

19. Capitalized

20. Endeavored

Action Verbs to demonstrate that you have achieved something:

Professional resume writers can help you to stand out to some extent. The achievements that you choose to mention in your resume show that you have not only reached the goals that you were given in your previous organizations but have also exceeded the level of expectations and bagged successes.

21. Accomplished

22. Reached

23. Assembled

24. Accelerated

25. Finalized

26. Guided

27. Initiated

28. Developed

29. Simplified

30. Produced

31. Expedited

32. Volunteered

33. Instituted

34. Forged

35. Increased

36. Furthered

37. Showcased

38. Earned

39. Completed

40. Awarded

Powerful Verbs for Resume to Demonstrate that you were a person with excellent research skills:

Whether you are a research and development professional or not, every work responsibility takes precise or in-depth analysis for excellence. It is not enough how skilled a person you are; you need to keep yourself updated while researching continuously about your segment and relevant topics. These action verbs can be used while mentioning your research skills in your CV writing.

41. Investigated

42. Researched

43. Calculated

44. Analyzed

45. Explored

46. Discovered

47. Examined

48. Identified

49. Forecasted

50. Audited

51. Evaluated

52. Assessed

53. Interpreted

54. Quantified

55. Measured

56. Surveyed

57. Tested

58. Qualified

59. Mapped

60. Inspected

61. Classified

62. Diversified

Action Verbs to show that you have excellent writing or communication skills on your resume:

Communication and writing skills can be an add on to your resume. Through using the proper action verbs before those skills, you can demonstrate that not only that you have a certain set of skills or have an opinion, but you also have enough capability to implement your skills if needed.

For example, if you have written the HR policy for your organization, you can choose “Documented” to be the word.

63. Composed

64. Performed

65. Spoke

66. Trained

67. Briefed

68. Authored

69. Convinced

70. Conveyed

71. Defined

72. Counseled

73. Documented

74. Edited

75. Promoted

76. Reviewed

77. Publicized

78. Collaborated

79. Enlightened

80. Presented

81. Published

82. Lobbied

83. Proofread

84. Illustrated

85. Conceptualized

86. Drafted

87. Diagramed

88. Translated

89. Intensified

90. Visualized

91. Wrote

92. Described

Powerful Verbs for Resume to show your customer satisfaction skills:

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every organization. Be it the previous organization where you have worked so far, or the new one which you are applying for; everyone will expect their employees to understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

If you already had attained the trait, use particular and powerful verbs for resume.

93. Educated

94. Advised

95. Advocated

96. Informed

97. Coached

98. Resolved

Powerful Verbs for Resume to Show that you have helped the organization in saving money, time and other resources:

Saving money, time or resources can increase the profitability of a company. If you have improved your organization in doing so with your excellency, don’t let thewords to avoid in resume reduce its credibility. Here are some of the action verbs for the purpose.

99. Decreased

100. Conserved

101. Reserved

102. Deducted

103. Lessened

104. Reduced

105. Yielded

106. Consolidated

107. Reconciled

Powerful Verbs for Resumeto show that you have improved something within the organization:

Improvement is a daily process within an organization and is not a goal. Thus, it is also possible that you have achieved a certain level of improvement within the company. If you have done so, you must let your hiring managers know about it by using these action verbs.

108. Influenced

109. Benefited

110. Redesigned

111. Refined

112. Modified

113. Corrected

114. Checked

115. Customized

116. Clarified

117. Centralized

118. Refocused

119. Reorganized

120. Revamped

121. Revitalized

122. Replaced

123. Rehabilitated

124. Standardized

125. Simplified

126. Updated

127. Merged

128. Overhauled

129. Restructured

130. Transformed

131. Updated

132. Upgraded

133. Streamlined

134. Strengthened

135. Augmented

Powerful Verbs for Resume to show that you have managed a team:

Team management is a quality you can count on in your resume. Either you have managed a team of 10 or maybe 100, the professional resume writing services will always suggest you mention that to your resume. If you were pro at managing your team and make them perform and achieve goals, we have a set of action verbs which you can use for the segment in your resume.

136. Guided

137. Hired

138. Inspired

139. Motivated

140. Directed

141. Cultivated

142. Mentored

143. United

144. Aligned

145. Fostered

146. Supervised

147. Shaped

148. Recruited

149. Facilitated

150. Mobilized

151. Brainstormed

152. Empowered

153. Leveraged

154. Enforced

PowerfulVerbs for Resume for Managerial Positions:

Action verbs can go wrong if not used ideally. The choice of your action verbs may also vary according to the position you were in your previous job responsibility. If you are looking for some higher positioned job and have already served the former organization as one, create a visual resume and use these action verbs wherever needed.

155. Arranged

156. Championed

157. Integrated

158. Ensured

159. Endorsed

160. Renovated

161. Founded

162. Predicted

163. Enabled

164. Partnered

165. Navigated

166. Secured

167. Acquired

168. Forged

169. Planned

170. Programed

171. Envisioned

Powerful Verbs for Resume to Use When You Have Led A Project In The Organization:

If you have been in charge of managing some projects in your previous organization, you need to know what are the action verbs that you can use apart from just “Led”.

172. Executed

173. Headed

174. Generated

175. Operated

176. Chaired

177. Planned

Powerful Verbs for Resumeto Use When You Have Brought A Project to Life:

Not necessarily only the founders and the board members of an organization got all the responsibilities to initiate something for the well being of the company. If you being an employee have been succeeded or got an opportunity to do so, choose these action verbs proudly to mention them all to your resume.

178. Formed

179. Built

180. Devised

181. Formulated

182. Implemented

183. Pioneered

184. Launched

185. Introduced

Resume Writing TipsUsing the Action Verbs and Let Your Resume Shine Manifold:

Here you have resume writing tips using the 185 action verbs that gives your resume a boost and enhance the credibility. But that doesn’t mean that you can pick any of the above lists to any place.

  • Make sure that the action verb you are choosing to use must make sense and adds meaning to the sentences you are writing.
  • Don’t select so many action verbs together within a single sentence.
  • Take care of the tense of the action verb while placing it in a sentence. If you are still working with an organization, you can use the present continuous tense of the action verb too

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