Expert Resume Writing Tips To Take You Closer To Your Dream Job

Maybe you have already started writing your resume, or perhaps you are about to start. In either way, you have the opportunity to make your resume standout. Following resume writing tips help you in having an active and solid resume, that increases your chance to get a job quickly. Where many of the aspirants will apply for the same job position, your resume can grab the attention of the hiring managers.

There are several websites across the internet from across the globe, trying to get you a handful of resume writing tips about how to design a winning resume. But if you are confused about which one to follow and which can be skipped for being not so important can end up making a resume that is not up to the mark.

Here we have 25 best resume writing tips given by expert resume writing services, and you can follow them with your heart and mind.

25 Expert Resume Writing Tips to Make Your Resume Standout.

1.     Back up your resume with skills and traits: You want to impress the hiring managers with your strengths and qualities, and the concept is legit. But rather than creating a long list of all your strengths, try to back them up with real-life experiences or work experiences.

2.     Choose the right keywords: Right keywords in your resume make you more visible over the internet in front of the hiring managers. Make sure that you upload the same resume everywhere like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. The HRs can find you from the digital database easily.

3.     Use extraordinary titles: The hiring managers judge your resume after just spending 5 seconds on that, which means that your resume doesn’t get in-depth attention before getting judged. It’s your titles that can be seen, and that is the reason why all the websites providing resume writing tips keep asking you to choose headings that help you to stand out.

4.     Use action verbs for resume: Using the action verbs appropriately in your resume is as important as having a professional resume. There are 185 most strong action verbs that you can use while establishing your achievements and success in your resume. Choose perfect action verbs that increase the legitimacy of the statement.

5.     Try to stick to a one-page resume: Your resume generally must be of one or two pages. A document having more than one or two pages is not called a resume anymore, and you can call that a CV. Try to put all the information about you in a compact manner and if possible, on one page.

6.     Focus upon your LinkedIn profile creation: Your LinkedIn profile is your first and most important professional social media presence. You need to have an up to the mark LinkedIn profile to get the attention of the hiring managers who might be searching for you over the internet. Remember that a LinkedIn profile is a must-have for every job seeker.

7.     Make your writing impressive with bullet points: Don’t make your resume look like slabs or word blocks. Making your resume looking clean and making it more readable can enhance your scope of getting selected. Use bullet points under the subheadings or main headings wherever needed.

8.     Proofread your resume before sending it: Use a proofreading application like Grammarly to proofread your resume before sending it to the hiring managers. Your resume must not have any grammatical mistakes which can decrease your integrity. You can also go for human proofreading after using all the possible apps to proofread your resume or take help from professional CV writing services.

9.     Put the important information first: Your life is full of events, but your resume doesn’t need to hold all the life events that you have been through. When you got just one or two pages to impress the hiring managers, you need to be very choosy about what you add to your resume. Putting crucial information only is a mandatory thing to do to your resume writing, but prioritize essential mentions to be on top.

10. Create a social media resume: Having a physical or visual resume or creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough. You need to create your personal-professional branding for the sake of getting a dream job. You can learn from different websites for how to create a social media resume.

11. Bring on the numbers: It is not the phone numbers that you add in the contact information segment of the resume, you need to have more numerology intervention to make your resume attractive. Using numbers to your resume means that you can quantify your achievements in your resume. As per the resume writing rules, adding percentages, amounts and especially the dollar (or rupees) sign can steal the glances of hiring managers.

12. Be sure about the facts: You don’t need to create fictitious stories to make an impression. Make sure that everything that you choose to share about yourself to the hiring managers must be backed with all truths and facts and not lies. If you are asked to establish a piece of evidence you must be able to do so.

13. Write an impactful summary: If you are writing a summary on LinkedIn or Twitter, make it eye catchy and full of information. You need to mention how skilled you are and how you can be beneficial for an organization while using those skills.

14. Brand Yourself as an individual: Branding yourself as an individual is a winning resume writing tip. You can mention about you and your skills on your social media profiles, or even create Facebook pages and website for your branding.

15. Add no picture to your resume: Though you look an astoundingly gorgeous but that is not going to help while getting a job or maybe applying for a job position. Your resume must not carry an image until you are applying for a job where your physical traits are the most essential and considerable factors. If you are asked to add a picture by the employers, you can go for it.

16. Write a different resume for each employer: It’s not one resume that fits all the job applications. If you are applying for different job positions or applying for the same job position in various organizations, you need to alter your resume according to the need or requirements of the organization. Thus, having an exclusive resume for every employer is a better resume writing tip.

17. Explain the benefits of your skills: Though you have attained many skills and have demonstrated all of them in your resume, they are not of any use, until your employers can fathom, how those are going to help them or their organization. Be a little specific about the usage of those skills you have.

18. Set your font size to 10-12: Font size is an imperative factor when we talk about making an impactful resume. As per our resume writing tips, you need to be specific about every font size, including the headings, subheadings or even the bullet points. The standard font size which makes your resume look good while creating some space is 10 to 12.

19. Use multiple subheadings: You need to use subheadings to put all the information separately in your resume. For example, if you have used the Resume headline to write your work experiences, the subtitles will help you to write the experiences you gained in different organizations.

20. Include the social media URLs: If you have a professional website, blog or remarkable social media presence that you think can aid your job search, do not forget to mention those URLs in your visual or infographic resume. Twitter and LinkedIn URLs are the must-have of your resume.

21. Use professionally designed resume format: There are many resume formats available on the internet and even with the professional resume writing services. The arrangements of the resumes are designed based on the industry and also vary along with the job position you are applying for. Among many such resume design formats, you must choose the one which suits you the best.

22. Read the job description again and again: You don’t need to go through any resume writing tip to know that reading the job description by the employer helps you to understand what exactly they are looking for in their employees and if you fit those. You can also alter your resume according to the requirements of the employers.

23. Balance the white space: The experts in their resume writing tips, share how important it is to manage the white areas in your resume correctly. The distance between the headings and subheadings also needs to be taken care of professionally.

24. Add a cover letter that matches your resume: You need to have a cover letter to be sent along with your resume. The professional resume writing tips teach you to be sure that everything you update or make any changes to your resume you must not forget your cover letter. Your cover letter must carry the information you have chosen to mention in your resume.

25. Mention whom you work with: Don’t skip the names of the organizations you have worked with previously. As per the expert resume writing tips, “Worked with renowned MNC” is far better than “Worked with TCS”.

It can’t be easy to remember all the small details when you’re trying to figure out how to write a great resume. But if you follow these resume tips and tricks you make your resume stand out, get an interview, and help land your dream job.

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