20 Must-Have Skills That Are Great To Have On Your Resume

When people from the same academic background and maybe from the same educational institution apply for the same job, it becomes challenging for hiring managers to make a choice. It is even painful for them to quantify the capability of the candidates when they have the same level of experience and maybe serving the same job position. Skills on your resume can make the selection process a little bit easier when they have to select the one from the best candidates.

As a job seeker, if you want to stand many steps ahead from others – it is the set of skills on your resume which can help you to do so.

When most of the time a professional resume writer suggests the job seekers go through the job description posted by the employer again and again to understand their required skill set, it is also essential to add other skills too which are relevant for the job responsibilities and upon which the job seeker has a mentionable practice.

If you are trying to get your dream job and wondering for resume writing tips on what are the skills that you need to mention in your resume to make it useful and a game-changer for you, have a look at the skills below.

20 Skills On Your Resume That Can Help You To Be More Competent

1.     Communication Skills:

Communication is the key to any relationship. While having excellent communication during your interview can help you to bag your dream job, having a mention of excellent communication skills on your resume can also be beneficial for the organization for their internal and external affairs. Either you are in a job position where you need to communicate much or not, you still have to achieve a certain level of communication skill.

Be it the way you make a phone conversation, the way you give your presentation or the way you handle a situation- everything depends upon the quality of communication that you do. 

2.     Research or Analytical Skills:

Every organization looks for someone who has a growth mentality. For that reason, the individual needs to go through the market analysis of the job responsibilities and the tools that are needed to deliver the given responsibilities. The more in-depth knowledge and research you have regarding your subject or given task, the more you are beneficial for the organization. Research and Analysis skills on your resume can make the managers sure that you can achieve a high profit for the company.

3.     Decision-Making Skill:

No organization looks for an individual who is always skeptical about his/her job. Also, the managers and the bosses of any organization don’t like such an employee who is very much dependent upon them while taking smaller and even the most trivial professional decision. It is not about making a choice or making a decision, but proving the decision to be right for the organization is the quality of an employee. You can prefer mentioning your decision-making skills on your resume with a suitable example and how that has helped your previous organization to achieve its goal.

4.     Interpersonal Skill:

‘No man is an island’ the saying is appropriate while working in an organization. For the sake of working with an organization, every employee needs to work closely with other members of the company. It can be a team, or the members of a project, customers or suppliers- there are people in the surroundings to deal with.

LinkedIn Profile writing services advise you to add this skill in your LinkedIn profile and your resume. Interpersonal skill is all about the ability to build relationship under any circumstances and also the ability to make others do what is right for the organization.

5.     Problem Solving Skill:

Though the grass is always greener on the other side, no employee or organization can grow without facing a certain level of problems. The organizations are generally divided into departments and indeed, every department is responsible for any challenge that is coming to their way. If you are among the employees with excellent problem-solving skills on your resume, you work like the ointment to the wounds for the company. The ability to identify and resolve the problems can distinguish a deserving employee from a bunch of applicants.

6.     Ability to Plan:

Abraham Lincoln said that if he is given the task to cut a tree, he will spend the majority of his time in sharpening his axe. This means that planning takes more perseverance and skill than it takes for execution. An example of a well-planned project can quantify your accomplishments. When an employee can plan and work effectively, they become more productive for the organization.

7.     Leadership Skills:

Leadership skill is potent. It is not the only motivation for the people working for you to work, but also to make them do things that are right for the organization. If you have those skills on your resume that reflect that you can manage a team of people and when you can make them come up with their ways of doing things in the right way you become a significant advantage for the company.

8.     Attention to detail:

Every detail is essential while growing an organization. Every single penny counts while measuring the profit of the organization. Thus, every organization looks for such skills on your resume which command that you are an employee who is attentive to every detail. While the person can look at the more prominent aspect, he must not leave the tiny yet essential things.

When you mention these skills on your resume, they expect you to be helpful for them to have a hassle-free business.

9.     Self Confidence:

This is more than a skill, and we can better call it to be a personality trait. Self-confidence is the aura which helps you to convince others for what you have or what you offer. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect others to do that for you. You have to have the ability to make people feel that whatever you are saying is upright and appropriate for them.

10. Public Speaking:

Public speaking is an essential quality to achieve. If you are just good at your work, but you can’t establish your decision to be right in front of the crowd, you will lack somewhere. Though it takes a lot of practice and analysis to be able to speak publicly, the skill is sought after by the employers.  

11. Creativity:

It is not about being innovative and doing out of the box things to mention on your visual resume writing as you are creative. Being creative is beneficial for your organization, and it makes you be able to find a suitable and better resolution for your company. Creativity is also to build better ways to improve the business process and make changes that save them and resources. Every organization respects a creative person.

12. Multi-tasking:

It is not about handling so many job responsibilities or handing the job responsibilities of many job roles altogether. Every job responsibility comes up with many tasks and every employee working as that position holder must have the ability to handle everything with equal effort and excellence. In the end, the employers look for someone who can deal with many parts of the same project or sometimes more than one project together at once. So tell the employer about your multi-tasking and management skills through your past experiences

13. Tactfulness:

The straight trees are cut fast. Thus, being tactful is vital for many situations. The first example of being tactful is to avoid resume writing mistakes while drafting a resume. No matter how much do you believe in your colleagues, in your customers or even in your team, you have to understand that everyone operates differently. A capable candidate needs to have the skill of being tactful and know how to manage various issues coming from multiple directions.

14. Strong Work Ethic:

This is a virtue we can say. Being ethical is every way needed throughout life. Be it your workplace or your personal life, and you need to have a strong ethic and specific sets of Dos and Don’ts. Resume writing services believe that employers always look for such a candidate who is passionate about his/her job role and responsibilities. A strong work ethic is all about being loyal to your work. Arriving at the work on time and the way of delivery of the tasks are some of the factors which can show the work ethic of the employees.

15. Integrity:

Employers respect people with good moral values. Though everyone goes through the verge of workplace politics, one must know how to staple his/her integrity in any situation. Employees need to maintain their honesty, value, and integrity at any cost.

16. Negotiation Skills:

When you have a great negotiation skill it not only helps you to get your interviewers to agree to pay you the right amount of salary, but it is also beneficial for you in your professional endeavors. When negotiable is one of the 30 words to avoid in your resume, a person with good negotiation skills can handle the internal and external affairs in a better way than the one who doesn’t have the ability. Both the vendors and the customers of the organization at some point mind need to test your negotiation skill, for you being a part of that organization.

17. Team Work:

Though we find this to be easy to achieve and not among the essential skills on the resume, as we think that it is something that doesn’t need a mention. But do you know some people really struggle to fit in a team while working? Many people find it hard to synchronize with other team members when putting in a group or maybe in a project. It takes a lot of understanding of varied people to be a better team player. Thus, if you have achieved the skill, don’t forget to mention this skill on the resume.

18. Time Management:

It is not about being to your job on time, neither is finishing your tasks at the given time, but time management is all about delivering even more than what is expected from you by the organization. It is not about working more than what you are getting paid for, but better time management helps you to pursue many other things in life. You can learn different things and even can develop new skills for the organization or yourself when your time is managed better.

19. Passion:

Being passionate about something is more like a personality trait than it is among the professional skills that you are by default, get suggested within an online resume maker. But being passionate is an add on advantage to your profile. When you are passionate by nature, you do things differently than people who are doing those as they are not left with any other option. Every organization loves to have someone who is most passionate about their responsibilities.

20. Computer Skills:

Nowadays every organization has at least some work which requires to have primary or some specific knowledge of computers. But as the required skills vary according to the job responsibility, professional cv writing services suggest that you must prefer to mention the computer skills on your resume to help the employers understand it more precisely. 

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