Month: January 2020

20 Must-Have Skills That Are Great To Have On Your Resume

When people from the same academic background and maybe from the same educational institution apply for the same job, it becomes challenging for hiring managers to make a choice. It is even painful for them to quantify the capability of the candidates when they have the same level of experience and maybe serving the same job position. Skills on your resume can make the selection process a little bit easier when they have to select the one from the best candidates.

As a job seeker, if you want to stand many steps ahead from others – it is the set …

Why Must You Invest More Time While Writing A Cover Letter?

Having a satisfying career is not possible without some challenges. Where some of the job seekers have a tough time to face the hiring managers, the other may find it difficult to fit their previous work experience with the requirements of the current job responsibilities. But among all the adversities, you can grab just one opportunity to make the hiring managers believe that you are the one they are looking for. Writing a cover letter can help you as a tool if you know how to make the utmost and best use of it.

There is nothing more rewarding and …

30 Words To Avoid In A Resume

A resume is a gateway for a great job. You can create a great first impression while seeking employment in front of the managers with your resume alone. In the queue of many job seekers, you need to stand out with your resume. On average, the hiring managers spend only 5 to 20 seconds while reviewing your resume. Thus, it would help if you are mindful of the words that you must add and the words to avoid in a resume.

While your resume needs to be attractive, it must also contain the information they want to see in the …