Month: May 2019

Does Your Resume Says Pick Me

With the passing time, India has experienced a rise in the unemployment level. However, there are countless reasons of the same but; lack of creating a powerful impression among the employers is one of the common causes, as well.

The best solution to this issue is framing your profile in an accurate manner that not only leaves a noticeable mark among employers but also, brings you many steps closer to winning the job too.

When a job opening is posted, the company receives hundreds and thousands of resumes, some of which are rejected immediately by the recruiters after taking a

What’s Your Career Story!

Your resume is a biography of your work – it not only a story of experience, achievements, credibility and capability; but also goes about as an impetus in drawing an obvious conclusion of your experience for the recruiter/employer, who are endeavoring to comprehend your identity, what have you done in past and what are you equipped for doing in future.

Now, have a look at your resume – does it helps the person on the other side of table to quickly know who you are? Or are you sure they will go ahead and read your resume thoroughly?

It just …