The Other Side Of The Table

It’s time to prepare for an interview and you are busy polishing your skills! No doubt your experience and knowledge will play a significant role in winning that job, but why see only one side of the coin? Let me make this easier for you. Answer a simple question. What are the main elements of your focus while you are preparing for an interview? Questions that you may be asked? Resume? Interview attire? Well, a string of things like such run constantly on the mind of an interviewee, who wants to grab the much awaited job opportunity. It’s good to work on yourself from all aspects; however, there is one more key facet that can help you encounter success. It’s Mind! Your interviewer’s mind!

When it comes to an interview, a candidate somehow emphasizes only one side of the whole process. Right from the proficiency to technical skills, to major achievements, to knowledge on specific subjects, there’s nothing a candidate does not think about. However, an interviewer’s point of view is what people usually forget to pay attention to. Many candidates consider themselves “perfectly suitable” for a particular job opportunity based on their perception of themselves. However, many times when an interviewer rejects them, it’s because of the simple fact that they were “far from perfectly suitable” from the interviewer’s mindset.

If you want to preclude that from happening to you, take a look on what could possibly be waiting for you on the other side of the table:

  • Is he or she capable?
  • If hired, will he or she stick around?
  • Did he or she stay long with any one employer? If not, reasons?
  • What can he or she bring to our company that will be of value?
  • How long did it take for him or her to reach this position?
  • How does he or she solve problems?
  • How does he or she handle changes, conflict, and challenges?
  • Will he or she be a good fit with the team?
  • Did he or she spend time on the resume and cover letter?
  • Did he or she prepare for this interview?
  • Does he or she really want this job, or is it just another paycheck?
  • Will I regret hiring this person?

Having said that, it’s time you start focusing on an interviewer’s mind as well. These may not be the only questions that run on an interviewer’s mind, but trust me; you will reap immense benefits by trying to explore an interviewer’s thought process.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know what else to focus upon, start making efforts right away!

All the best!

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